The social media expert and CEO of Strut Social Media. I'm so happy you've landed on my website! Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine and I'm thrilled to be doing what I love and helping restaurant/hospitality businesses scale and thrive in an online space.

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I'm a Boston girl born and raised with a B.A. in Communications and Marketing. I knew when going into college that I wanted a creative career (one that didn't involve a ton of numbers), and my passion for creative work really ignited through writing.


Words have always been my strongest suit. Throughout college, I had my own blog and four different internships writing for online magazines and broadcast media stations. When junior year rolled around, I took a Social Media course and was assigned a 20-page written social media strategy plan for a non-profit organization. I realized then, just how exciting a social media career would be! It was new, intriguing to learn about, and writing was so thoroughly involved.


When I graduated in 2015, I was positive social media marketing was the career path I wanted to take. The biggest issue I started to run into however, was that social media for businesses did not hold the power or priority as it does today. Instagram had just launched in 2010, and people were either still learning how to use the platform or were simply not super active on the app yet. Therefore, when entering the real working world, finding a SMM job was rare. I always kept my eyes peeled, but I also couldn't play a waiting game... so I decided to still follow a marketing route and explore different areas of marketing — Media Buying, Sales, PR, Integrated Marketing. At every agency job I had though, kept finding myself eager to learn more about working in the social media department.

Fast forward to 2017, I found a part-time gig at a Pilates studio that needed help with sales and social media — and this is where my career in social media really took off (I still work for the Pilates studio today!). I started to build my resume with social media management experience and in late 2018, I finally found a full-time Social Media Marketing Manager position for a restaurant hospitality group in Boston, MA. I applied immediately and was BEYOND excited when I landed the position — it truly felt like I just achieved the impossible.

For the next 3 years, I served as THE in-house social media marketing manager and expert for a group of restaurants in the city. I was responsible for a variety of digital marketing efforts such as: sharing trends & best practices with the restaurant teams and vendor partners, orchestrating business development opportunities for each venue, designing all menus & brand collateral, overseeing website upgrades and web/SEO, managing monthly social media ad campaigns, creating content schedules, executing content photoshoots, generating collaborations with industry talent/social media influencers, and more. I finally felt like I was doing something that was destined for me.


Then, 2020 happened. With no indoor seating, weak inventory, and very limited capacities, a STRONG social media presence was literally the only way restaurants could continue to promote and generate an income during such an unprecedented time. All of my strategies and content for each establishment I worked with had to be edited and reconsidered. My brain was constantly moving a mile a minute, trying to implement on-the-fly marketing initiatives and create meaningful content without being too pushy or insensitive in order to help keep the restaurants in operation. It was a challenging learning curve of pressure however, as I got to witness first hand, the extreme need for social media marketing within the restaurant / hospitality industry, I started to become curious about doing it all on my own. 


Both entrepreneurship and the love for good food runs in my Italian family. Being a small business owner has always been a manifestation of mine and the pandemic was actually the push I needed to unfold the real potential for my future. I knew I had no reason not to feel like the happiest version of myself moving forward.


Moral of the story, I'm proud to admit that in April 2021, I finally took the leap of faith I've been longing for. I believed in myself, stepped out of my comfort zone, and took my years of social media experience and passion for the industry to chase my real dream — that dream being Strut Social Media.

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