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The social media expert and CEO/Founder of Strut Social Media.


I'm so happy you've landed on my website! Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine and I'm beyond grateful to be doing what I love — helping restaurants and hospitality businesses scale and thrive in an online space.

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Strut Social Media is dedicated to my Nonna Theresa

I'm an Italian girl born & raised in Boston, MA with a BA degree in Communications, Marketing and Psychology who always had a dream of running her own business.

After realizing how much I enjoyed studying social media marketing in college, I became passionate and persistent to build a career in the field as well. After a few years of experiencing a variety of professional marketing roles, I landed a full-time Social Media Director position for a restaurant group in Boston, MA — and that is when it felt like all of my stars aligned.

After years of social media management experience and pushing through all of the learning curves that came with the 2020 pandemic, Strut Social Media was proudly born in April 2021 and we specialize working with restaurants not only because of my love for the industry, but more importantly, for my love for my beloved Nonna — my best friend and favorite person in the world.

Nonna’s love language has always stemmed from her admiration of food.


From picking fresh vegetables out of her garden as a child, to sitting at her kitchen rolling out pasta dough as an adult — food is how my Nonna brought my family together and something we all shared equal love for. Nothing made my Nonna happier than preparing Sunday lunch and placing down fresh plates of food in front of each family member at the dinner table.

When I started working with restaurants, I knew I had an endearment for the industry due to my love for food that my Nonna instilled in me. It only made sense for me to niche down in an industry that brought me the most joy while keeping me grounded in my heritage and roots. It was beyond fulfilling to have taken such a life-changing leap but we all know that life works in crazy ways sometimes... and about two weeks after my business launched, I sadly received the most devastating news that my Nonna became terminally ill.

To be completely transparent, stepping into entrepreneurship for the first time while being faced with such shattering news was nothing shy of the biggest challenge of my life. For almost the whole first year of being a new business owner, I just took each day as it was, typing away with my Nonna sitting right next to me, caring for her and cherishing every single moment we could still spend together.


Nonna watched over as I attempted to figure everything out from day one. She was there while I was researching, taking calls, setting up systems, hopping on zooms, working on client projects, shooting photos. We kept each other company eating lunch together, taking selfies, holding hands, sitting outside in the sun, showing her pictures from my client shoots. We were always there for each other no matter what and I'm beyond blessed to have grown up surrounded by her genuine love and pride for her family, culture, God, and of course, food.

Strut Social Media concentrates on the restaurant industry because I know how deeply special the passion, craft, and skillset it takes to not only cook and prepare dishes that will bring people joy, but also the nitty gritty it takes to run and operate a restaurant efficiently

 and successfully. I’m here to consistently represent that in the best way I can for all of my clients, just like my Nonna consistently did for all of her loved ones.

Strut Social Media might be a one-woman-show, but two strong women brought this brand to light, and all of the work I pour my heart and soul into is done in remembrance and honor of my sweet Nonna.

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