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As someone who studied marketing and communications in college, as well as having worked alongside famous chefs and dynamic teams, I discovered the extreme impact social media marketing has within the hospitality industry, and I'm super passionate about being a part of that impact.

Before launching my own business, I was a social media marketing director for a variety of Boston-based restaurants for about 4 years. I absolutely loved the work I was doing and the opportunities I was experiencing — I just always knew deep down that I wanted to run my own business someday, as entrepreneurship also runs in my family. When the pandemic hit, I sort of had this "anything can happen" moment, and I realized there was never going to be a "right time" to start something I have always dreamed about doing. So in April 2021, all of my stars felt like they finally aligned, and Strut Social Media was born!

​​From the enjoyment of a top-notch dining experience to the luxury of a well-appointed hotel room, the hospitality industry has always held a special place in my heart and I am beyond proud & honored to have intertwined my expertise and admirations into a fulfilling career and thriving business.​

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